Animal Hero Fiona Oates

FionaOakesFiona Oakes is a British distance runner who holds four world records for marathon running. In 2013, she won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. She runs despite losing a kneecap from an illness when she was 17.

Fiona has been vegan since she was 6 years old. She runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, is an ambassador for The Vegan Society, and is a patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society.

Fiona lives for the animals, not just the ever-increasing crew in her care, but all animals. Those in zoos, livestock farms, being tortured in laboratories, circuses, racing, and shows.

A further abomination is animals bred for their skins and fur, Fiona like all animal-loving Vegans rejects all those abuses. Neither are animals part of her diet.

Where does she get her protein? Answer: plants!
That, incidentally, is a question levelled at every Vegan by ignorant people who think they’ve found the chink in a Vegan’s amour.

How does she keep her vitamin D at a healthy level? Answer: soaking up the sun’s rays while running and working outdoors in the sanctuary.

Tower Hill now has around 600 animals. They are rescued from owners who can no longer keep them, saved from slaughterhouses and sometimes the police take escapees to Fiona.

When animals get rescued, they need to be housed, which is why animal sanctuaries are so important. To feed all the animals at Tower Hill costs £15,000 every month and there are no government subsidies to cover this expense. All income comes from donations from well-wishers and supporters. Please donate a one-off amount or better still a regular monthly amount to ensure the animals get fed. Fiona and her partner Martin have independent incomes; therefore, every penny donated maintains the sanctuary and feeds the animals.

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