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Dave Knight

Having your blog hacked and several years' work destroyed is no fun. It may be the reason you landed on this page.

TheDuckShoot Blog was fatally hacked on October 9, 2012 and I will never fully recover all the posts. I do not know who is responsible, but the most likely candidates are someone close to or in the employ of Chancellor of the Exchequer George "Coke-Head" Osborne, the thug-woman-beater-cop Sgt. Mark Andrews, or maybe the British police who I expose as brutal and corrupt.

Actually, I don not think either Andrews or Osborne personally hacked my site. Osborne the toff and Andrews the slime-bag police thug haven't got enough grey matter to do something as technical as a major hack. Both however, would have the kind of contacts who could execute a crime like that. My bet would actually be on the Osborne mob as the article about Osborne being a "Coke-Head" had already been attacked twice. Both stories will be back, so whoever did it, your success is temporary.

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Dave Knight