Animal Hero Fiona Oates

FionaOakesFiona Oakes is a British distance runner who holds four world records for marathon running. In 2013, she won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. She runs despite losing a kneecap from an illness when she was 17.

Fiona has been vegan since she was 6 years old. She runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, is an ambassador for The Vegan Society, and is a patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society.

Fiona lives for the animals, not just the ever-increasing crew in her care, but all animals. Those in zoos, livestock farms, being tortured in laboratories, circuses, racing, and shows.

A further abomination is animals bred for their skins and fur, Fiona like all animal-loving Vegans rejects all those abuses. Neither are animals part of her diet.

Where does she get her protein? Answer: plants!
That, incidentally, is a question levelled at every Vegan by ignorant people who think they’ve found the chink in a Vegan’s amour.

How does she keep her vitamin D at a healthy level? Answer: soaking up the sun’s rays while running and working outdoors in the sanctuary.

Tower Hill now has around 600 animals. They are rescued from owners who can no longer keep them, saved from slaughterhouses and sometimes the police take escapees to Fiona.

When animals get rescued, they need to be housed, which is why animal sanctuaries are so important. To feed all the animals at Tower Hill costs £15,000 every month and there are no government subsidies to cover this expense. All income comes from donations from well-wishers and supporters. Please donate a one-off amount or better still a regular monthly amount to ensure the animals get fed. Fiona and her partner Martin have independent incomes; therefore, every penny donated maintains the sanctuary and feeds the animals.

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Fish Feel Pain – ALF Revenge

Only psychopathic morons would believe that dragging a fish from its natural watery habitat into the air by a hook stuck through its mouth doesn’t cause pain.

The above image of an anglers hut redecorated with the truth by anonymous Animal LALF members says it all. The cost of paint and the effort the membership have expended to cover-up the damage has eaten into their club accounts.

The psycho anglers perpetuate their “sport” with a lie, that fish don’t feel pain. That claim is untrue; fish do feel pain. Here’s what the Smithsonian has to say on the subject. But, irrespective of what a bunch of scientists have discovered from their research it has always been obvious to rational humans that all sentient beings feel pain.

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Who is Dave Duckshoot?

The language of this blog:

Dave DuckshootDave is English, so the language is British English. That means that some words will be spelt differently to the English spelling in Canada and the USA. We don’t use the z (zed) in realise and other words with similar endings. Mom is mum, color is colour and neighbor is neighbour for example. There are, of course, lots more differences than those examples and a few exceptions to the rule.

A note from Dave himself:

“My second name hasn’t always been Duckshoot; I was born at the end of that terrible episode in the history of the earth called the Second World War. My parents allegedly assigned their family name to me on passing ownership of me to the Government (Registration of Birth). Being a very tiny baby at the time I cannot swear that this is correct, so I adopted a new name in 2015 that I chose for myself. So that it is official, and I could use it for banking, pensions and my tenancy agreement, for example, I registered it by Deed Poll.”

“Modern living prevents people from being completely free and; therefore, the Deed Poll is a necessary inconvenience. There is no lawful (or legal) requirement to register a change of name in the UK, but you would have to live entirely off the radar if you chose to do so. You couldn’t have a proper home or a job; you couldn’t get free healthcare or a pension when old like me. We are all slaves.”

“Life has become increasingly complicated in the 70+ years I have ridden this planet. The changes have been relatively gradual, so we have slowly accepted it as the norm. It is all part of the control by the elite class and their Corporations. A few people in this world feed off the rest of us, and it starts with the registration of our birth.”

From David Robinson:

I have been a friend of Dave since the early 80s and have always admired his commitment to justice. Since he is now a voice for the voiceless animals, I have added to my original short bio about him.

Activism and Passions: Dave has a passion for justice and believes in the principle that all humans are born equal, whatever their skin colour, gender and sexuality. Furthermore, he believes that all earthlings are sovereign and should remain free for their entire lives. With the only exception that when humans instigate violence towards other species, other than in self-defence, they forfeit their right to freedom.

Authoritarianism, elitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism repulses him. His blog exposes the psychopaths in society; corrupt politicians, bossy bureaucrats, crooked judges and magistrates, unethical businesspeople, slaughtermen (and women), zoo owners, hunters, human traffickers, paedophiles and bent police officers.

Through his blog, he actively campaigns for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty, the banning of the Taser torture device used by psychopathic enforcement agents* and accountability of government and its agents-of-terror*. He attends vigils outside slaughterhouses to campaign for the end to the killing of animals for food. He suggests that minimum 30-year prison sentences be applied for such heinous crimes. End DR

*Enforcement agents and agents-of-terror are some police officers, some immigration police, secret service agents and some local government officers. This list is not exhaustive.

My favourite food, pastimes, and entertainment.

Hobbies: Travel, the Internet, photography, writing, reading, watching movies, and vegan cooking. I prefer to travel by train when going further afield, and I do when possible, it is more comfortable and better for the environment. Favourite car: I don’t have a car. Mostly I travel by London bus.

Favourite food: Most Vegan food, especially chips (fries).

Favourite books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first novel I read in about 35-years, and I still love the story. Since then I have read over 200 books, mostly on my Kindle e-reader.

Favourite movies: The Millenium Trilogy: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. (Swedish version dubbed English, the American version is shit despite the excellent actor Daniel Graig playing Mikael Blomkvist). The Silence of the Lambs, Oceans Eleven and Twelve and Thirteen. The (Jason) Bourne series. V for Vendetta and Leon both starring Natalie Portman.

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Raju the Elephant Rescued From 50 Years of Torture

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This expanded article was originally published in 2014 on TheDuckShoot Blog before it was hacked.

Raju the ElephantI first saw this beautiful story in the Daily Mail. For 50 years Raju, the elephant did not have an enjoyable life. In 2014, Wildlife SOS rescued him from the daily torture by his callous ‘owner’ who kept him permanently in spiked chains.

Backed up by a court order and Indian forestry officials Wildlife SOS unshackled Raju and loaded him onto an open truck to be driven to his new home 350 miles away. It was a dangerous mission, but the rescuers succeeded.

The ‘owner’ tried to halt the rescue by applying more chains and agitating Raju. An angry bull elephant can become very dangerous, so the rescuers had to take extra care.

Finally, Raju travelled to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura where he was fed, washed and had his wounds treated. Two other elephants who had similar experiences were introduced to him, all part of his rehabilitation.

The charity, founded in India in 1995, is appealing for £10,000 of donations to help start the elephant’s new life. To donate, visit, or cheques or postal orders can be sent to Wildlife SOS, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.


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