A Crazed Dad Flogs His Daughters For Twerking

Rescued from Hacked Site: This article was first published July 22, 2014

This shocking video of unbridled brutality is no longer available on Facebook. A CHRISTIAN father lost control and flogged his two daughters with an electric cable.

Why this level of viciousness?

They made a twerking video and uploaded it to Facebook. The girl’s mother reported him to the police. Their parents are separated.

This story is not new, it happened in 2013, but I was so shocked by it that I felt compelled to bring it to your attention. At the time the girls were aged 12 and 14. His name is Greg Horn, and this disturbing footage led to his arrest, but there seems to no follow up on whether he got punished.

The religious nutcases agree with him

If you follow through with a Google search about the case you will be astonished to read of the amount of support from his peers for disciplining those girls. To keep them on the straight and narrow requires love, not violence.

Yes, bible bashers’ believe he did right by following the Bible verse “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. Can you believe that? Some religious whackos think the Bible phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child” means you can torture children. Some Christians have explained to me that “spare the rod” means spare the study of the Bible. I’m not so sure, however. I have never seen a lot of love in religious groups.

As an Atheist and I can see that what this father did to his kids is wrong. I hope he lost his rights of access, but who knows in crazy Bible-bashing America if that was the result.

Editor: This vicious assault brought back memories of my own childhood. I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness cult and corporal punishment was encouraged. Child abuse is rife in religeous comunities, including sexual assault, where they use scripture as the excuse for that abuse.