Humiliated Stripped Naked and Beaten by Lancashire Police

The police just a bunch of thugs and my advice is never to talk to them. The police believe they are above the law, and even when they misbehave in the grossest manner, they seldom get charged with an offence.

They’ll only get charged with offences when what they do brings the police into disrepute but illegally strip-searching and beating a member of the public is not in their eyes misconduct.

If you are not enraged by what you see in the video, you are not human. You should join your fellow sociopaths in the police.

All coppers are bastards!

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COVID Bollocks: Tyrant Police Too Thick To Understand Exercising

Boy, the snowflakes certainly came out of the woodwork for video. My opinion is that she is very brave and right. I hope she updates the YouTube community on what happened at the station. Here’s her story:

“I was out exercising in Richmond today, on my own, the LAW doesn’t specify physical exercise, I was exercising mentally meditating by the river, minding my own business, and these lovely police officers thought I was committing a crime! Eventually, they arrested me and actually gave me a lift home which I thought was nice, I will now get a fixed penalty notice which naturally I will contest in court. Let’s see. 4 police officers in the van which dropped me home! I said, “this is the closest I’ve been to another human being all day!” Let alone four of them confined in a van! Anyway, BRING IT ON!”                                                              —Cheeky FE Kerry

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