Eating Meat Causes COVID-19


This story is cobbled together from a report by John Ladarola. From the outset, he talks about meatpacking plants being a danger to the health of workers forced to continue working in an industry known for spreading coronavirus.

“On Tuesday, March 31, an emergency room at the main hospital in  Grand Island, Nebraska, sent an urgent email to the regional health department: “Numerous patients” from JBS beef packing plant had tested positive for COVID-19. The plant, he feared, was becoming a coronavirus “hot spot.”                                                         – Michael Grabell, ProPublca

Another doctor suggested the plant be closed for two weeks for a thorough screening. But his plea was ignored and JBS has stayed open.

Other than blaming the Chinese wet markets, no government has admitted that the slaughter of animals and the processing of meat can be the cause of zoonotic diseases. They do acknowledge that some animal diseases can jump from animals to humans but do not admit the colossal number of diseases caused by the consumption of meat.

“Covid-19 has taken multiple things from people of all ages including lives, livelihoods, laughter, leisure and liberty and still we refuse to address the cause, rather than continually focusing on the symptoms. If a virus started in a Wet Market has the impact to effectively shut down the world, why has the world not shut down Wet Markets and other places of death and potential disease?”    Fiona Oakes, Vegan, Tower Hill Stables, Animal Sanctuary owner and distance runner.

Fiona Oakes – Vegan Runner & Animal Sanctuary Owner

Zoonotic Diseases





This article will be updated

First update: Wed. 13th May 2020


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COVID bollocks: Police Ignoring Guidelines

As always, the police in the video are making it up as they go along. Notice how it escalated from going too fast away from police, to jumping a red light to a drugs search. All while cops ignore their own guidelines regarding safety equipment and social distancing.

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After Eight Days Deliberating the Jury Decides Rolf Harris is GUILTY!

I recovered this article about Rolf Harris from the hacked blog. Cliff Richard got away without facing a judge in a criminal trial, Harris didn’t and he spent time in prison.

Monday, June 30, 2014. Today, after eight days of deliberation the jury found Rolf Harris guilty of twelve counts of indecent assault against four girls aged between 7 and 19.

Count 1

While signing autographs in Hampshire in the late 1960s Harris touched a little girl inappropriately when she was just 7 or 8.

Count 2

Harris groped a teenage waitress’s bottom at a charity event in Cambridge in the 1970s

Counts 3 – 9 

A friend of Mr Harris’ daughter Bindi, said he repeatedly indecently assaulted her between the ages of 13 and 19

Counts 10 – 12

Tonya Lee, who has waived her right to anonymity, said he abused her three times on one day while she was on a theatre group trip to the UK. The Australian was 15 at the time.

At Southwark Crown Court on 4 July 2014, Mr Justice Sweeney sentenced Harris to a total of five years and nine months in prison. He served 3-years of his sentence and was presumably released for good behaviour. That couldn’t have been hard could it, after all, there are no girl-children in men’s prison.



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Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument

Baby in the womb
Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is an American conservative political commentator and writer. He has written seven books, the first being 2004’s Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, which he started writing when he was 17 years old.



His writing does not typically reflect my views; however, his analysis of the baby-killing epidemic is both scientific and rational. He doesn’t mince words and avoids the usual emotional bullshit spouted by some bible bashers.

He is a right-wing Jew, so I am sure I would not agree with him in every respect. It’s his conservative beliefs where we are worlds apart, not his Jewishness. Although the US ultra-right, religious, Conservatives want to claim ownership of Pro-life, many anti-abortionists like me, for example, lean towards socialism and I am also an atheist.

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Slavery Cheap Food From Forced Labour

We are told that slavery has been abolished, but it exists in the UK and it’s closer than you think. It affects men, women and children in many areas of work and industry. Slavery is happening across the UK so that cheap food is produced from this forced labour. One of the reasons farmers don’t check closely enough is that the supermarkets bully farmers into lowering wholesale prices. Another is the increasing casual employment of foreign workers controlled by gangmasters.

Gangmasters provide trafficked people to farms and nurseries, who work long hours for little to zero wages. The pressures to turn to these crooks is immoral but to a certain extent understandable. British workers know the rules and demand that the get the proper pay, are covered by health and safety legislation, and are not forced to work ridiculous hours.
British Farm Slaves
Foreign workers mostly don’t know these things and their controllers take advantage of them. The accommodation provided for these people is usually substandard and overcrowded. Slavery should concern us all. What goes on in the horticultural and agricultural industries has a domino effect.

Who would have believed that in Britain we would have zero-hour contracts and a proliferation of the gig economy? Workers rights and conditions have regressed. We are fast returning to the employment conditions of the first half of the twentieth century. Even contracted employees in established industries are little more than slaves.

However, the real victims of this “slide to the bottom” are the people controlled by gangmasters and decent British people should look out for them and report this abuse to the authorities. Do you know or suspect anything near you? Report concerns to the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 or visit the website.

“Home Secretary Theresa May said tougher penalties of up to life imprisonment for human traffickers would lead to more prosecutions” – Daily Mail

Learn how to spot the signs, and find advice and support if you have been a victim of slavery at Modern Slavery website

Further reading: The new slaves: Children forced to work as farm labourers

Getting Help for victims in the United Kingdom

If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, contact the police – call 999 if it’s an emergency, or 101 if it’s not urgent. WARNING In my experience calling the police is the worst option. Nothing will be done because they are a lazy bunch of bastards.

If you’d prefer to stay anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This, not the police directly but a very effective charity, probably the best option.

If you want confidential advice about trafficking before calling the police, there are a number of specialist organisations you can talk to:

The Modern Slavery helpline 0800 0121 700, is open 24 hours a day.

If you think a child is in danger of trafficking you can contact the NSPCC’s helpline 0808 8005 000.

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty What It Really Means

Innocent until proven guilty; a legal principle

The phrase, innocent until proven guilty, is a widely misunderstood legal phrase. It is a principle of law, a legal instrument that should ensure fair trials. The police, the lawyers and judges should regard the accused as innocent and put the evidence to the test.

Scales of Justice
© Marco Uliana –

It is the prosecution and investigators who are on trial because they should never present a case to court until they have gathered irrefutable evidence. Irrefutable that is to the best of their knowledge. It is the prosecution who has to prove guilt and not the accused to prove innocence.

So why do I say it is widely misunderstood? It is widely misunderstood and often deliberately ‘misunderstood’, by critics of the media (particularly new media), barrack-room lawyers and criminal apologists. It constantly comes up in criticism of articles on this blog, but this blog is not a court of law, this blog is not part of the prosecution, this blog investigates and reports facts. Sometimes, as the Editor, I may give my opinion, but my opinion is expressed mainly in the comments, not the articles.

Innocent until proven guilty; a few examples

I will now illustrate this argument with a few examples, and for simplicity, I will continue to make the suspects masculine.

Imagine waking up at 3 am, and there is a stranger in your bedroom. He is putting your valuables into a sack. You tackle him and knock him out and call the police. Is he a burglar or is he not a burglar? Yes of course he is!

The second scenario; a neighbour enters your home and rapes your wife. You are not there, but she recognises him and tells you who it was. Your wife is an honest woman and does not tell lies. The police are called and make an arrest. Is your neighbour innocent or guilty? GUILTY! You know the answers

The answer to both those scenarios is guilty! You see the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty is not fact, it is a presumption. The victims know who the guilty are, witnesses also know who is guilty, and the perpetrator knows he is guilty.

The accused must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, so that the investigators and prosecutors gather evidence and present that evidence to the court and prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is indeed guilty of the offence. That is the basis of a fair trial.

The presumption of innocence does apply to news reporting as well of course. However, what if a witness writes the report or a video shows the incident in indisputable detail? What if documents are available that proves guilt? Is it wrong in those circumstances to report the accused as guilty? I don’t think so, providing that the report does not prejudice the fairness of the trial.

How many innocents who could have been saved?

If the Internet had been available 50-years ago, many victims of Jimmy Savile, the MP Cyril Smith, ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath and ‘Lord’ Alistair McAlpine would have been saved from their abuse. This is why I interpret the rules less strictly than the mainstream media (MSM), they can’t publish a word without a lawyer passes it. Except, of course, they are willing to overstep the mark when hacking a dead girl’s mobile phone.

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Who is Dave Duckshoot?

The language of this blog:

Dave DuckshootDave is English, so the language is British English. That means that some words will be spelt differently to the English spelling in Canada and the USA. We don’t use the z (zed) in realise and other words with similar endings. Mom is mum, color is colour and neighbor is neighbour for example. There are, of course, lots more differences than those examples and a few exceptions to the rule.

A note from Dave himself:

“My second name hasn’t always been Duckshoot; I was born at the end of that terrible episode in the history of the earth called the Second World War. My parents allegedly assigned their family name to me on passing ownership of me to the Government (Registration of Birth). Being a very tiny baby at the time I cannot swear that this is correct, so I adopted a new name in 2015 that I chose for myself. So that it is official, and I could use it for banking, pensions and my tenancy agreement, for example, I registered it by Deed Poll.”

“Modern living prevents people from being completely free and; therefore, the Deed Poll is a necessary inconvenience. There is no lawful (or legal) requirement to register a change of name in the UK, but you would have to live entirely off the radar if you chose to do so. You couldn’t have a proper home or a job; you couldn’t get free healthcare or a pension when old like me. We are all slaves.”

“Life has become increasingly complicated in the 70+ years I have ridden this planet. The changes have been relatively gradual, so we have slowly accepted it as the norm. It is all part of the control by the elite class and their Corporations. A few people in this world feed off the rest of us, and it starts with the registration of our birth.”

From David Robinson:

I have been a friend of Dave since the early 80s and have always admired his commitment to justice. Since he is now a voice for the voiceless animals, I have added to my original short bio about him.

Activism and Passions: Dave has a passion for justice and believes in the principle that all humans are born equal, whatever their skin colour, gender and sexuality. Furthermore, he believes that all earthlings are sovereign and should remain free for their entire lives. With the only exception that when humans instigate violence towards other species, other than in self-defence, they forfeit their right to freedom.

Authoritarianism, elitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism repulses him. His blog exposes the psychopaths in society; corrupt politicians, bossy bureaucrats, crooked judges and magistrates, unethical businesspeople, slaughtermen (and women), zoo owners, hunters, human traffickers, paedophiles and bent police officers.

Through his blog, he actively campaigns for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty, the banning of the Taser torture device used by psychopathic enforcement agents* and accountability of government and its agents-of-terror*. He attends vigils outside slaughterhouses to campaign for the end to the killing of animals for food. He suggests that minimum 30-year prison sentences be applied for such heinous crimes. End DR

*Enforcement agents and agents-of-terror are some police officers, some immigration police, secret service agents and some local government officers. This list is not exhaustive.

My favourite food, pastimes, and entertainment.

Hobbies: Travel, the Internet, photography, writing, reading, watching movies, and vegan cooking. I prefer to travel by train when going further afield, and I do when possible, it is more comfortable and better for the environment. Favourite car: I don’t have a car. Mostly I travel by London bus.

Favourite food: Most Vegan food, especially chips (fries).

Favourite books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first novel I read in about 35-years, and I still love the story. Since then I have read over 200 books, mostly on my Kindle e-reader.

Favourite movies: The Millenium Trilogy: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. (Swedish version dubbed English, the American version is shit despite the excellent actor Daniel Graig playing Mikael Blomkvist). The Silence of the Lambs, Oceans Eleven and Twelve and Thirteen. The (Jason) Bourne series. V for Vendetta and Leon both starring Natalie Portman.

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Raju the Elephant Rescued From 50 Years of Torture

Get involved, comment on this article: click here

This expanded article was originally published in 2014 on TheDuckShoot Blog before it was hacked.

Raju the ElephantI first saw this beautiful story in the Daily Mail. For 50 years Raju, the elephant did not have an enjoyable life. In 2014, Wildlife SOS rescued him from the daily torture by his callous ‘owner’ who kept him permanently in spiked chains.

Backed up by a court order and Indian forestry officials Wildlife SOS unshackled Raju and loaded him onto an open truck to be driven to his new home 350 miles away. It was a dangerous mission, but the rescuers succeeded.

The ‘owner’ tried to halt the rescue by applying more chains and agitating Raju. An angry bull elephant can become very dangerous, so the rescuers had to take extra care.

Finally, Raju travelled to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura where he was fed, washed and had his wounds treated. Two other elephants who had similar experiences were introduced to him, all part of his rehabilitation.

The charity, founded in India in 1995, is appealing for £10,000 of donations to help start the elephant’s new life. To donate, visit, or cheques or postal orders can be sent to Wildlife SOS, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.


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SHOTS FIRED! The Duck Shoot is Back… Again!

Dave DuckshootAfter a long break caused by the site being attacked, hacked and taken down, The Duck Shoot is on the way back… again. Last time the site was broken, for the third time, I just could not raise the enthusiasm to rebuild it. That is why TDS has sat there dormant for so long. However, I have a new passion running through my veins, so here I go again.

The Duck Shoot is a blog owned by me, Dave Duckshoot. I have a passion for justice and a belief that all Earthlings are born equal, whatever their species, gender, skin colour, and sexuality. Authoritarianism, elitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, and specism repulse me. In this blog, I expose the psychopaths in society; corrupt politicians, bossy bureaucrats, unethical businesspeople, criminals, crooked judges and magistrates, human traffickers, paedophiles and bent police officers. I do not ignore the non-human world either. You will if you are brave enough to face the truth read of the Animal Holocaust that is not only cruel and unnecessary but is also destroying planet Earth. Covid-19 is suspected of being caused by the Chinese wet markets, where particularly harsh practices occur, and there is a complete lack of respect for animals at these markets.

The blog actively campaigns for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty for all sentient beings. All killing is wrong except in self-defence. Murderers and rapist should be incarcerated for life, but not executed. Nobody, especially governments, has the right to take the life of anyone even if they have committed the most heinous of crimes of murder or rape.

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A Crazed Dad Flogs His Daughters For Twerking

The original Facebook video that this story was based on has been removed. Greg Horn, the father discovered his two daughters had made a video of themselves twerking. Horn, a Christain, lost control and flogged his two daughters with an electric cable.

“A Dayton man has been indicted on charges of child endangering, corporal punishment after police said he beat his daughters. Police said Greg Horn, 35, is accused of whipping his daughters in the legs with a video cable that connected his TV to his DVD player. The alleged abuse happened at Horn’s home on Fotip Lane. According to the police report, one of the girls had visible welts on both legs in the thigh area with open wounds. The girls told police the beatings were their punishment for sneaking out of the house. The indictment comes this first week of Child Abuse Awareness Month.” – ABC22

Why this level of viciousness?

The girls’ mother reported him to the police. Their parents are separated. This story is not new, it happened in 2013, but I felt compelled to bring it to your attention. At the time the girls were aged 12 and 14. His name is Greg Horn, and this disturbing footage led to his arrest.

The religious nutcases who agree with him

A Google search about the case you will be astonished to read of the amount of support from Horn’s peers for disciplining those girls. To keep them on the straight and narrow requires love, not violence.

Yes, bible bashers believe he did right by following the Bible verse “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. Can you find that? Some religious whackos think the Bible phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child” means you can torture children. Some Christians have explained to me that “spare the rod” means spare the study of the Bible. I’m not so sure, however. I have never seen a lot of love in religious groups.

As an Atheist and I can see that what this father did to his kids is wrong.

Editor: This vicious assault brought back memories of my own childhood. I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness cult, and corporal punishment was encouraged. Child abuse is rife in religious communities, including sexual assault, where they use scripture as the excuse for that abuse.


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