Become Educated About Paedophiles

“Too often, victims get blamed for speaking out. We need to understand how paedophiles operate so that we can respond appropriately to victims.” – Stacy Coulter, mother

Become Educated About PaedophilesIt is not just children that need to be educated about the dangers of adult predators. Parents and family members need to keep alert to the devious ways that the perverts groom their victims. 

The first thing to learn is to ALWAYS believe the child and investigate his/her account thoroughly. Don’t stay silent; children need to know that it is not their fault and that they are trusted. Prepare them for such an event by encouraging openness. If a child thinks she is going to be punished for snitching on an adult she becomes like putty in the paedo’s hands. 

Minor things like “Uncle Jack said Auntie Jane is a drunk” should remain a secret between you and your child. That way trust is built up and she will be more likely to confide in you. Then if Uncle Jack becomes the abuser she will come to you. Remember, sexual matters are embarrassing to children and embarrassment can prevent them from reporting abuse to you. Encourage candour; keep alert.

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