Eating Meat Causes COVID-19


This story is cobbled together from a report by John Ladarola. From the outset, he talks about meatpacking plants being a danger to the health of workers forced to continue working in an industry known for spreading coronavirus.

“On Tuesday, March 31, an emergency room at the main hospital in  Grand Island, Nebraska, sent an urgent email to the regional health department: “Numerous patients” from JBS beef packing plant had tested positive for COVID-19. The plant, he feared, was becoming a coronavirus “hot spot.”                                                         – Michael Grabell, ProPublca

Another doctor suggested the plant be closed for two weeks for a thorough screening. But his plea was ignored and JBS has stayed open.

Other than blaming the Chinese wet markets, no government has admitted that the slaughter of animals and the processing of meat can be the cause of zoonotic diseases. They do acknowledge that some animal diseases can jump from animals to humans but do not admit the colossal number of diseases caused by the consumption of meat.

“Covid-19 has taken multiple things from people of all ages including lives, livelihoods, laughter, leisure and liberty and still we refuse to address the cause, rather than continually focusing on the symptoms. If a virus started in a Wet Market has the impact to effectively shut down the world, why has the world not shut down Wet Markets and other places of death and potential disease?”    Fiona Oakes, Vegan, Tower Hill Stables, Animal Sanctuary owner and distance runner.

Fiona Oakes – Vegan Runner & Animal Sanctuary Owner

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First update: Wed. 13th May 2020


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