COVID Bollocks: Tyrant Police Too Thick To Understand Exercising

Boy, the snowflakes certainly came out of the woodwork for video. My opinion is that she is very brave and right. I hope she updates the YouTube community on what happened at the station. Here’s her story:

“I was out exercising in Richmond today, on my own, the LAW doesn’t specify physical exercise, I was exercising mentally meditating by the river, minding my own business, and these lovely police officers thought I was committing a crime! Eventually, they arrested me and actually gave me a lift home which I thought was nice, I will now get a fixed penalty notice which naturally I will contest in court. Let’s see. 4 police officers in the van which dropped me home! I said, “this is the closest I’ve been to another human being all day!” Let alone four of them confined in a van! Anyway, BRING IT ON!”                                                              —Cheeky FE Kerry

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