Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument

Baby in the womb
Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is an American conservative political commentator and writer. He has written seven books, the first being 2004’s Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, which he started writing when he was 17 years old.



His writing does not typically reflect my views; however, his analysis of the baby-killing epidemic is both scientific and rational. He doesn’t mince words and avoids the usual emotional bullshit spouted by some bible bashers.

He is a right-wing Jew, so I am sure I would not agree with him in every respect. It’s his conservative beliefs where we are worlds apart, not his Jewishness. Although the US ultra-right, religious, Conservatives want to claim ownership of Pro-life, many anti-abortionists like me, for example, lean towards socialism and I am also an atheist.

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